Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A day of shooting fun!

We had a great day this Memorial Day.
We went out to the Pawnee with our friends
the Davis' and our friends the Wright's for
some shooting fun!

Me, my BFF Emily, and our friend Keri Wright.

Rhiannon shooting the 9mm. She was a little scared
but once she shot it, she liked it.

Emily helping K.J. with the .22. He is really a
great shot.

Kevin shooting the AK-47. That was a really
fun gun to shoot.

Here I am shooting our friends .357. It was
such a nice gun to shoot, I told Kevin this is the
gun I want!

Kevin and K.J.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

End of year fun!

Rhiannon had a great time at her fifth grade field day. We will all miss Letford Elementary school...but not as much as they will miss US!

My super awesome best friend Emily got a puppy! Brownie is sure a cutie!

Rhiannon & Lucy did a hilarious routine to KUNG FOO FIGHTING for the elementary school talent show! They kicked and chopped their way to the TOP!

KJ & his best bud Tye earned lots of merit badges and rank advancement at their Court of Honor. These great boys plan to earn their EAGLE awards together.

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Monday, January 4, 2010

Hiking at Devil's Backbone

Hiking at Devil's Backbone
K.J., Rhiannon and Uncle Troy at the

K.J, Rhiannon and Me at the keyhole at Devil's Backbone.

The trail was a little snowy, but it was a beautiful hike.

Rhiannon, Uncle Troy and K.J.
It was about 32 degrees outside, the sun was shinning and it
was a great day for a hike!

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Tuesday, November 3, 2009


We recently had a super flood in the basement.
Our washing machine shut off wasn't working, it
ran for about 35 minutes and overflowed into
the basement.
The water had flooded into the heat vents
and had filled them up. The guys had to
drill small holes in the duct work to drain
all of the water out.

Then we spent a few hours vaccuming the
water out of the carpet by the laundry room
and out of the basement.

A great big thank you to all the help we received
that night. Thanks to Rob and Emily, Randy, Brian,
and Shane. It was so nice to have so much help, especially
during the BYU game! Thanks Guys!!

Monday, October 26, 2009


This was Awesome!!
It took a while to do it, but it was worth it!

Even with her crazy hair, she is still beautiful!!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Buddy Walk 2009

Our annual Buddy Walk with Kaden!
We all love going out to support this wonderful
event. K.J. and Rhiannon love to be there with
their cousin!
This year we had an AWESOME time at the
Buddy Walk for Down Syndrome!

In the past, Kaden has had a hard time making
the whole distance. This year his friend Craig,
made him a special bike so he could go the whole way!

Kaden felt so proud that he made it. We
celebrated with a great big lunch!
What an awesome day, doing something fun
with family!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Rhiannon has Chicken Pox


Poor Rhiannon! She woke up this morning with a few red bumps on the back or her neck and behind her ears. By the time we went to the doctor, She had red bumps on her tummy, back, her legs, her neck and her face. Dr. K said even though she had the vaccine, it was chicken pox!!! She was a little disappointed since this weekend is her regional gymnastics meet. Also, we will probably not be taking our trip to Maryland! Although her spirits were a little down, she asked for a blessing to help her heal quickly and hopes to be better soon!